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Google Indexing Public Bard Conversations In Search Results

By PhoneIX Digital


"Google is now incorporating conversations held with its AI chatbot into search results. It is imperative for users to exercise caution, as private exchanges could potentially find their way into the public domain."

Google Bard Conversations In Search Results

As of X, previously known as Twitter, individuals are flagging instances where links to exchanges with Google's Bard chatbot are surfacing in search outcomes.

You can replicate what others are seeing by typing ‘‘ into the Google Search bar.

This development has triggered a surge of worry among Bard users. Google has not yet provided any comment on whether the indexing of the chatbot is a deliberate feature or an indexing glitch. As of the present moment, individuals utilizing Google Bard should be mindful that their conversations may not retain their privacy.  It is advisable to refrain from discussing sensitive subjects and sharing information that you would prefer not to be linked back to you in a public context.